Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bella Ruth turns 6!!

Bella Ruth turned 6 on January 23rd. We had a small family party on her actual birthday, and then a celebration with friends later that weekend. She requested a cake from a little local Bake Shoppe that she loves their sweets and salads.
First we had a basketball game and then it was time to eat cake.
Our little family photo. Looking at this photo makes me just smile, this was the first birthday that I hadn't dressed everyone in matching outfits. I have learned to just enjoy the moment and not worry about the little details. Now don't let me fool you, this does not happen often.
Mama and the birthday girl. Also baby brother has to be included in all pictures. Too funny.

Daddy with the birthday girl. Little brother too!

Time for cake!!

Look who wants to blow out the candles with his big sister!

But she will stop that......

with a little hand action.......

until he gives up!!!

Now he wants the candles with all of that yummy icing!
Little brothers!!!!!

Happy Birthday Princess! I love you to the moon and back...... 1,000,000,000 times.

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