Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Downtime

My sweet oldest child. How can one child bring you so much joy??
I adore Will Henry's little smirk!

He can be such a sweet baby, but about 10 percent of the time he is a WILD MAN!!!

My little princess in her dress-up creation.

She needed her Daddy to take a shot "exactly like this."

Will Henry is always willing to twirl in this skirt. In fact he has it on right now.

And this is one tired Mama.

We have had a wonderful Holiday season. As soon as I get the cameras downloaded I will do a holiday post. I have started a New Years post that I need to finish and publish.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

As we are in full swing of this wonderful Holiday my hope is that each of you have all of your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas!



Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Nutcracker

Clark and BellaRuth resting at the luncheon.

With Clara, or Marie, and the Prince.

BellaRuth loved this dancer!

With the Chinese dancers.

I LOVED this costume! It just looked like so much fun.

With the Candy Cane dancers.

This was the darling little girl that we shared a table with. She and BellaRuth had so much fun together.

With Mama outside the Nutcracker. Boy, it was cold!

We took Clark and BellaRuth to the Nutcracker in St. Louis last weekend. First we attended a Sugar Plum fairy luncheon that was in a beautiful old home on the campus of Washington University. The children had such a great time meeting all of the characters and getting their autographs. Then it was time for the performance. After about 10 minutes Clark asked me, "How much longer?" I thought that he must want to leave, but no..... he said, "I don't want this to end." How precious! We are already talking about next year.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Choir Concert

This was our serious picture before the concert. I love the way that Clark put his arm around his sister without being asked. He really loves both of his siblings so much... and they also adore him.

Goofing around before we left for the concert. This picture is a true reflection of BellaRuth's personality. At times I just stand in awe that we were blessed with such a funny little princess!

The entire choir. Clark was in front of Miss Sharron.

All of the children before the concert.

BellaRuth is looking at her Daddy.

Clark was really concentrating on his songs.

Today Clark and BellaRuth were in our town's Christmas Choir Concert. They have been practicing for the past month and they really did a wonderful job. Will Henry kept hollering "Clark......Bella Ruth", but it actually sounds like "clerk.... bubber" Too cute. We are all so proud of both of you!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving and Christmas Card Pictures

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend spent at home. My sweet hubby had about 25 relatives that we spent Thanksgiving Day with and boy did we have fun! We weren't able to take very many pictures due to a "technical problem". We were pleasantly surprised to get a Christmas Card picture. I actually ordered the cards today. After a long search I finally decided to use the picture as the whole card front. The inside has individual pictures of Clark, BellaRuth and Will Henry on the beach in Sanibel this summer. Of course I included a sweet Holiday greeting too. I thought I would share some of the photos that didn't make the card.... and the one that did!!!
(I LOVE the way that Clark is looking at his brother in the picture above.)
Will Henry was trying to escape! And BellaRuth has the funniest look on her face.

I think that this is a sweet picture.

BellaRuth is trying to get Will Henry to look at his Daddy. Poor Clark just wanted it to be over.

This is our Christmas Card picture for 2008.
I really think that it captures each one of my children. I can't wait to see yours...please share!!