Wednesday, May 28, 2008

House Plan Help Needed

It's funny how time can make you really contemplate your decisions. Since the completion of the "final" house plan we have made some major changes.
The first thing we did was moved the fireplace to the formal living room. Now we have to decide where in the living room, we are leaning towards the front of the house. I think it is a very English cottage style. The problem here is that there will be no window in that room. But the room is open to the front hall and the staircase going upstairs. Or we could put it on a wall in the living room. The main problem with this is it will take up floor space and we will loose some space in Will Henry's room which is above the living room.
The second change was we went back to guest room and bathroom on the first floor. It will actually be Will Henry's room for awhile. He will be too young to be upstairs when we first move in.
The third change hasn't really been solved yet... I need some major kitchen help. I really want my sink looking out windows, but I don't want my stove in the island. The architect really is a completely "balanced" person so that it the only way he sees it. I think that they do not have to be across from each other. Why can't they both be on the counter top space and nothing in the island? I am suppose to meet with a kitchen designer tomorrow and he should have some options for me. I will try to post the plans here, we do have them in an email, but they are not the updated ones.
Please help with any opinions or ideas that you have!!!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

a meme

I have been tagged so here it goes...
This tag is to list as many random current items about yourself as you are old. Then I'm suppose to tag 5 other people.

1. I'm addicted to Panera Breads Greek Salad, Black Bean soup and unsweet iced tea with lemon.
2. BellaRuth and I love to watch Paula Deen.
3. I never knew that I could live on this little sleep.
4. I love waking up each morning to the sweet sounds of my children.
5. I am enjoying planning our new home.
6. I love Diet Dr. Pepper, and a Sonic Diet Coke with lime.
7. I plan on organizing my home this summer.
8. I dread folding laundry.
9. I am not good at writing "thank you" notes unless I have a stationary that I love.
10. I have always wanted 4 children, most days I still do.
11. I am dreading swimsuit weather as I still need to get in shape from having Will Henry.
12. I really need to get my last 10 pounds off. Now that I quit nursing I have no excuse.
13. I consider my lucky number 18.
14. I like things in even numbers... pets, children, etc.
15. I have used the same cheetah print day planner since 1996 or 1997. I just buy the refills each year.
16. I LOVE hearing my children playing together.
17. I ADORE being a Mama and wife.
18. I'm not good with change, neither is my oldest son.
19. I am paranoid about skin cancer. I'm even scared of self- tanners now.
20. I love date nights with my husband.
21. I love family bike rides, and my cute mint green bike.
22. I love that my children call us "Mama and Dada".
23. I love shopping for my children and our new home.
24. I have enjoyed my new friendships that I've made through blogging.
25. I love watching Clark make his first home run.
26. I love watching my girly girl play t-ball. Pink helmet, glove, cleats and bat of course.
27. I love that her Dada said that he wouldn't buy his daughter pink baseball gear ("waste of money") when Clark was playing t-ball, and then bought all the pink gear his princess wanted.
28. I love watching my children chase fireflies and dig for worms.
29. I love watching Chris drive the "fast boat" at the lake. It reminds me of when we first fell in love.
30. I love all of the sweet notes and cards my husband writes.
31. I love the sweet pats that Will Henry gives.
32. I love the way Clark is so protective of his sister and brother.
33. I love watching Clark laugh.
34.I love the girly girl that Bella Ruth is.
35. I love turning the TV off and the music on.
36. I really would love to adopt a baby from China one day.
37. I LOVED hearing Will Henry say "I Love You" for the first time last night!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My heart is just so heavy for the Chapman family. I just heard that their teenage son ran over their youngest daughter at their family home yesterday. Steven Curtis Chapman is my sons favorite music artist and we listen to him daily. I also love him because of his love for Chinese orphans. They have a lake home by ours and we always look for the Chapman clan. Please keep them in your prayers.

Much Love and Prayers,