Friday, February 6, 2009

More Holiday ReCap

I found these pictures on my computer this evening. I still have more holiday photographs to download from another camera. More on that later.
These were the best pictures I have from Christmas Eve. It's not easy to get 5 excited children to pose for a picture.

And Clark kept closing his eyes. That silly boy!!

This is Christmas Day with the well-loved scooters from Jojo and Papa or Poppy as Bella Ruth calls my Dad.

That's my girl playing football with all of the men!!! My Mom has a picture of my on my 4th Christmas playing football with my cousins. I had a football helmet on, where as she has a football.

My nephew Hugh loved his big wheel as much as his Daddy loved his many years ago.

Scooter riding some more. And more closed eyes!

Will Henry playing Peek-a-boo in my parents bedroom door. He had such a great time.

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