Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update from Sunday

The new church that we visited was very welcoming and we really felt right at home. Since we live in a small town you know lots of people wherever you go. Some of our closest friends attend this church, and our children attend school there. But this is also why it can be a little difficult to try new things. You see, we are very active in our old church and we knew that everyone would hear the news... that we were "church shopping." And we got a call Monday morning asking if we were changing churches. The truth is that we have been praying and talking about this move for a long time. I mean for a few years. My husband is the type of person that takes lots of time to actually make a decision, but when he does he is finished with the debating or contemplating. Remember how long this house building has taken us. :) Also, this is not the first church that we visited, we have actually "shopped" a couple other churches over the course of a couple years. We feel very confident in our decision and are excited to become a part of this church family.


Lori said...

Well it sounds good....sometimes those decisions take time. Your church is also your family, so it's a big decision! We are going through a similar situation. :)

Amy said...

I am so glad that we are going together! It makes it so much more special! Thanks for the choc. chip cake this afternoon!