Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wood Floors and Paint Colors

Ok ladies, I need some input here. Do any of you have a paint color that you just can't live without? What about a flooring? What I am planning right now is Benjamin Moore Delicate White and Creamy White throughout the first floor. I also like the tinted whites for bedrooms and bathrooms. I am planning hardwood floors everywhere with the exception of all bathrooms, laundry room, walk-in pantry, mudroom and back hall. Also the basement with a media room and playroom will have a different flooring than hardwood. For the bathrooms and other upstairs areas I'm considering hexagonal terra-cotta pavers. What do you think??


Kimber said...

Our floors are wide plank random width walnut and I LOVE them!!!!!! they are everywhere except the kitchen (slate) and the sunroom (brick). I cannot wait to see your house. We too designed every detail. i drew the plans and then of course and architect drew them properly. it is so much fun to create your home:)

Lori said...

I think you got it girl....the tile makes for easy cleanup in the bathrooms, etc. I did mine straight because I'm a straight line, balance kind of person. Though I did diagonal for kitchen back splash and I love it!
Designing is such fun~ enjoy!!

Melanie said...

How is it that I have missed all of this ? I haven't visited in a while. I will tell you that I have black walnut floors...they are a little more upkeep but I gladly take the time because they are beautiful. I use the Caldera all purpose cleaner(diluted in a spray bottle with water) and a swiffer with a flour sack towel attached to it instead of the swiffer wipe. I know it sounds crazy but I have no residue and they sparkle!
As for the paint color, you know how much I love Benjamin Moore's linen white and bone white.
I cannot wait to see what you select. I know it will be beautiful and a total reflection of "YOU"!!!!!