Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Memories

My favorite holiday has always been Easter for as long as I can remember. It seems like a magical time to me. New hope, new beginnings, and of course all of my favorite colors! I had always wanted to get married in April or have a baby in April. Since I was a teacher in my previous life the summer was the wedding time. And baby planning is left up to the great Gift Giver himself. But this Easter was one of the most special. We actually joined the new church that I had posted about previously. It feels like we have finally come "home".
Our day started with an Easter egg hunt very early in the morning. Well, actually we first had to explore our baskets and eat a little candy while Daddy was taking a shower so he could wake-up. My sweet hubby is NOT a morning person.

Once Clark found his eggs he was so good to help Will Henry.

Bella Ruth is not a morning person either, but the idea of candy got her motivated. :-)

The Easter bunny brought the sweetest dolls in their baskets. They look like each of the peeps and have their name and a special bible verse on their tummy. I just happen to know that he got them from www.babybeblessed.com . Bella Ruth and Will Henry have not put their baby dolls down since Easter morning. And Clark loves to sleep with his.

Waiting for Daddy so they can hunt eggs. THis is one of the many funny faces from our little man. His Ninna says that his Daddy had lots of funny faces growing up.

We went to my in-laws for a late egg hunt with their cousins and dinner. Bella Ruth was pretty tired by this time. But lots of fun was still had!

The peeps loved the bubbles that the Easter bunny left for them. We ended up in the neighbors yard blowing bubbles for a long time.

The last picture of the day. These are all of the cousins on my husbands side. We live within 1 mile of each other so the peeps see each other lots.
We went to the Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday night. It was just breathe-taking, beautiful and moving. Yes, I was confirmed into the Catholic church at this time. We are very excited and are enjoying this journey as a family. I hope that each of you had a special Easter too.

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The 5 Bickies said...

So glad you have found a church that feels like "home". I would love to hear more about your search and your decision to look for a change.

We are struggling with our church...been there 10 years and it just doesn't grow, our children don't really have friends there, we don't really have friends there and the programs are always just barely attended. It's so disheartening. We love our new pastor but nothing else changes.

So glad you had a great Easter! Like your husband, I am not the morning person and struggle with the early morning wake up calls on Easter and other holidays! I would love to be thin and a morning person!