Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Choir Concert

This was our serious picture before the concert. I love the way that Clark put his arm around his sister without being asked. He really loves both of his siblings so much... and they also adore him.

Goofing around before we left for the concert. This picture is a true reflection of BellaRuth's personality. At times I just stand in awe that we were blessed with such a funny little princess!

The entire choir. Clark was in front of Miss Sharron.

All of the children before the concert.

BellaRuth is looking at her Daddy.

Clark was really concentrating on his songs.

Today Clark and BellaRuth were in our town's Christmas Choir Concert. They have been practicing for the past month and they really did a wonderful job. Will Henry kept hollering "Clark......Bella Ruth", but it actually sounds like "clerk.... bubber" Too cute. We are all so proud of both of you!!


3 Peanuts said...

Oh it looks like a beautiful family event. I wish there was audio to the photos so i could hear them sing:)

If you e-mail me your address ( I will send you a Christmas card.


Anonymous said...

I love Bella Ruth's dress!