Friday, November 28, 2008


Will Henry had a fun time at his big sister's class party.

Caroline, our cousin, was out of school so she came to the costume parade with Ninna.

Bella Ruth, Miss Mary and all of her class.

Clark's class getting ready for the start of the carnival.

The Star Wars character in Mrs. Pollock's class. We were missing a few others.

Clark was Commander Cody.

Trick or Treating at Grandparents with our cousins, Caroline, Reese, and Anna.

With Anna and Ninna. Will Henry would only sit on Ninna's lap after she took her spider mask off.

These pictures are a little late, but I thought that I would add them anyway. My sweet hubby is the only one who knows how to download pictures to our computer so I'm at his mercy when it comes to blog updates. And it has been a crazy fall!! Soccer coaching for two teams, All-Star coaching, housebuilding, and running a business. This is not to mention Gymnastics, Dance, Dance team and RCIA classes. I am going to have him teach me how to download, though it won't be today because he has to work. :(
We hope everyone is having a GREAT Thanksgiving Holiday!!!

I have added some updates in August (8/4 and 8/28), September (9/26) and October (10/16) too.


3 Peanuts said...


I am so glad you posted. I have missed you. I love the Halloween photos. Hope the house building is going well. Happy Holidays!


Amy said...

I am looking at these pics and wondering what was wrong with Cristian. He looks bummed. :-(