Friday, September 19, 2008

A Godly Man

Tonight I took Clark and Bella Ruth to a birthday party about 30 minutes from home. Chris was home with Will Henry so we got to listen to loud music, eat at Panera Bread, shop at Barnes and Noble and have lots of good conversation. As we were driving home I couldn't help but think of something that had changed my view of motherhood about 5 years ago. At one of my first MOPS conventions we were listening to a speaker and she was talking about the true importance of raising a son. You see, your son will grow to be a father one day, he will be the head of a household and he will be the leader of the family. Your most important job as a mother of a son is to raise him to be a Godly man. Even your daughter will marry one day and her husband will be the head of the household. I remember almost feeling overwhelmed. How was I going to do this? I started praying right then for God to help me and show me the way. My sweet husband and I have talked about this often. Tonight, as I was driving home in the rain and my sweet seven year old first-born son was singing his heart out to Steven Curtis Chapman's "We are children of God" I couldn't help but shed a few tears and give my thanks to God for answering my prayers.


Oatsvall Team said...

I love those God moments w/ our children ... My oldest son and first born never ceases to amaze me w/ his kind heart and helping hands ... i pray for a sweet wife that will nurture all that is good in glad you got a glimpse of his future.

Lori said...

What a precious moment!
Great post and reminder for those of us with sons. :)