Monday, August 4, 2008

Daddy's Birthday Weekend

We went to St. Louis to celebrate my sweet hubby's birthday August 1st. My Mom flew in from Oklahoma so she could help with Will Henry while we went to a Cardinals game on Saturday night. It was such a fun, relaxing weekend.
Our first stop was Ted Drew's on Friday night. My sweet hubby would rather have ice cream than cake, and Ted Drew's is his favorite.
Here we are with Jojo.

The next morning we went to The Magic House. The first stop was to make a casting of our faces and hands. It was so much fun!

They had a really neat art area that the children had a great time discovering.

Busy little bees.

Will Henry and Jojo played at the sand table for a very long time.

Will Henry's favorite area was the water play. He didn't want to leave this fun!

Bella Ruth enjoyed it also.

I think that Clark was OK waiting for his little brother and sister to finish up.

The only problem was a very slippery floor. I had to hold on to Will Henry so he wouldn't fall on the hard floor.

The next morning we went to the City Museum. It is such a neat place. The founder collects "junk" and recycles it to good use. If you are ever in St. Louis this is a MUST DO!!!

Riding the Sumo Wrestler.

This was the restroom sign.

Clark couldn't resist the fun!

Peeking through a cave tunnel.

Hanging out with Daddy.

Climbing to the higher tunnels.

They had the neatest art center on the second floor of the museum. They had a face painter even. Bella Ruth LOVES purple butterflies, so she was in heaven.

Will Henry had a blast on this slide. Clark and Bella Ruth had just as much fun watching him.

At the end of the day we watched a mini circus on the second floor of the museum.
This weekend was even more fun that we expected. We are all looking forward to a return visit to the City Museum this winter.

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