Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An American Girl Party and Movie

Bella Ruth had the neat opportunity to attend an American Girl Tea at our church at the beginning of the Summer. She doesn't have an American Girl doll with hair yet so we improvised with a Kelly's Kids doll. ;)

Then when we were in OKC we were able to see the Kit Kittredge movie and she was beyond excited!! This time she "babysat" our sweet neighbors' Kit doll (thanks Laurel) and boy did she and Clark enjoy the movie. It was sooo cute! Jojo and I loved it too. It's funny, Kit has been my favorite American girl doll since I can remember. And I had always thought that when Bella Ruth turned five she would be old enough for her first American Girl with hair, and of course it has to be Kit with her blond hair and freckles. What perfect timing for us!!

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Southern Sugar said...

So sweet! Takes me back to when my girls played with Kristen and Samantha AG dolls. Makes me want to get one for me.