Saturday, May 24, 2008

a meme

I have been tagged so here it goes...
This tag is to list as many random current items about yourself as you are old. Then I'm suppose to tag 5 other people.

1. I'm addicted to Panera Breads Greek Salad, Black Bean soup and unsweet iced tea with lemon.
2. BellaRuth and I love to watch Paula Deen.
3. I never knew that I could live on this little sleep.
4. I love waking up each morning to the sweet sounds of my children.
5. I am enjoying planning our new home.
6. I love Diet Dr. Pepper, and a Sonic Diet Coke with lime.
7. I plan on organizing my home this summer.
8. I dread folding laundry.
9. I am not good at writing "thank you" notes unless I have a stationary that I love.
10. I have always wanted 4 children, most days I still do.
11. I am dreading swimsuit weather as I still need to get in shape from having Will Henry.
12. I really need to get my last 10 pounds off. Now that I quit nursing I have no excuse.
13. I consider my lucky number 18.
14. I like things in even numbers... pets, children, etc.
15. I have used the same cheetah print day planner since 1996 or 1997. I just buy the refills each year.
16. I LOVE hearing my children playing together.
17. I ADORE being a Mama and wife.
18. I'm not good with change, neither is my oldest son.
19. I am paranoid about skin cancer. I'm even scared of self- tanners now.
20. I love date nights with my husband.
21. I love family bike rides, and my cute mint green bike.
22. I love that my children call us "Mama and Dada".
23. I love shopping for my children and our new home.
24. I have enjoyed my new friendships that I've made through blogging.
25. I love watching Clark make his first home run.
26. I love watching my girly girl play t-ball. Pink helmet, glove, cleats and bat of course.
27. I love that her Dada said that he wouldn't buy his daughter pink baseball gear ("waste of money") when Clark was playing t-ball, and then bought all the pink gear his princess wanted.
28. I love watching my children chase fireflies and dig for worms.
29. I love watching Chris drive the "fast boat" at the lake. It reminds me of when we first fell in love.
30. I love all of the sweet notes and cards my husband writes.
31. I love the sweet pats that Will Henry gives.
32. I love the way Clark is so protective of his sister and brother.
33. I love watching Clark laugh.
34.I love the girly girl that Bella Ruth is.
35. I love turning the TV off and the music on.
36. I really would love to adopt a baby from China one day.
37. I LOVED hearing Will Henry say "I Love You" for the first time last night!!

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